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    PolicySECURE 2.0

    Know these 2024 SECURE 2.0 updates for employer-sponsored plans

    SECURE 2.0 made a lot of waves among plan sponsors and financial professionals when President Biden signed it into law in late 2022.1 Some administrators were scrambling to implement key changes that essentially went into effect immediately.

    November 15, 2023 | 3 min read

    TrendsRetirement readinessSECURE 2.0

    Auto-escalation best practices for retirement plan and participant success

    Helping employees prepare for retirement is challenging yet critically important. Two key strategies are:

    1. Encouraging them to contribute to their retirement plans in the first place, and 
    2. Increasing those contributions over time.

    November 02, 2023 | 4 min read

    PolicyRetirement readinessSECURE 2.0

    Ways your 401(k) plan could do more to help middle-class employees

    The passage of the 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act, which included the provisions of SECURE 2.0, made several impactful changes and enhancements to 401(k) plans and similar employer-provided retirement plans.

    April 26, 2023 | 4 min read

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    TrendsPolicySECURE 2.0

    Small employers could benefit from a PEP talk

    Small employers can struggle to compete with major corporations. Not only do bigger companies typically have larger purse strings, they may also be able to offer more attractive benefits. As a result, small businesses sometimes miss out on recruiting top talent.

    April 05, 2023 | 3 min read

    PolicySECURE 2.0

    SECURE 2.0 changes for employer-sponsored retirement plans

    Staying on top of changing regulations for employer-sponsored retirement plans is a perennial challenge. As an example, President Biden enacted the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023”  in the waning hours of 2022. In it are some significant updates and new rules that will impact many organizations.1

    February 15, 2023 | 3 min read

    TrendsSECURE 2.0

    Survey: Nearly a quarter of middle-class Americans expect to never retire

    Is the American Dream falling out of view? According to our 2022 Middle Class Survey conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, nearly half (49%) of middle-class Americans (those with an annual household income of $35,000 to $99,000) grade themselves at a C or lower on their ability to achieve the so-called American Dream. When looking specifically at those who are currently renting, that number jumps to 62%. What’s perhaps more distressing is that nearly a quarter of those surveyed (23%) who haven’t already retired say they expect to never be able to retire.1

    September 06, 2022 | 3 min read