Flexible, customizable retirement solutions to meet your unique needs

Partner with us to create custom solutions that achieve your goals

Employee financial well-being and retirement readiness are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why Cuna Mutual Group takes an individualized approach using a wide variety of investment solutions, plan types, and technologies that make our plans simpler to manage for sponsors and participants alike. Find the plan offerings your organization needs:


Defined contribution plans

Look for a comprehensive and flexible selection of plan types and services to support your goals, and ensure compliance with secure record keeping, identity protection, fiduciary support and more. 


Defined benefit plans

Defined benefit plans are a highly valued employee benefit. Increasing costs, changing regulatory requirements and market volatility can make it challenging to maintain a defined benefit plan. Explore how our investment, actuarial and administrative services can make a difference.


Non-Qualified plans

Improve the power and overall impact of your executive compensation programs by including long-term incentives to motivate and retain executives and key employees and help meet their retirement goals.


Pension risk transfer 

To find a reliable provider of pension risk transfer plans, look for demonstrated financial strength and a reputation for integrity—plus extensive experience administering and servicing annuities.